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A long-time local on the Monterey Peninsula, I have traveled extensively and lived elsewhere, but still find our area the most beautiful place to live. I've been fascinated with all photography since I was given my first camera at age 9. I still get excited when I see what that device can capture - whether it be an expensive pro Nikon for weddings or my take-along Lumix Leica for traveling.

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east031 east006 east018There’s nothing like an event at a private property along the Big Sur Coast – and I have had the privilege of attending or photographing at quite a few…gorgeous, hidden, unique places. You might find a claw-foot bathtub perched on a platform with the killer view of the Pacific Ocean stretching out before you. You might find a lucious organic garden with plum trees, grape arbor and wildflowers. You will definitely experience the intense nature of the area without interference of cell phones, television or commercial amenities. Perfect places for a party, a wedding or a romantic retreat. I never tire of it.

patti056 patti023Working with Ken Robins as an officiant, we have been a magical part of many couples’ wedding ceremonies. These smaller events are quite often a 2nd marriage where they’ve done the big extravaganza before and now just want something special and meaningful for the two of them. Sometimes there are a few more guests; good friends taking time for a destination week-end in Carmel. Great dinners out and time for stories. This wedding was at the la Playa Hotel in Carmel. The hotel has recently been upgraded but has kept it’s old-world Mediterranean-style charm.

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Hey all!

Yes – finally getting into some serious, and not so serious, blogging. Photography has changed so much in the past few years, technically. But I still think the challenge of getting the right image is still the same as it has always been all the way back to Cartier-Bresson in the late 1800’s. I love seeing other photographers’ work and am always inspired and in awe of what is out there.

I really got my start when the wonderful Tom O’Neal sent me off to Norway with one of his old Nikons and told me to just start shooting. I was lucky enough to go to my ancestral home with my mother and shoot in that incredible midnight light that exists north of the Arctic Circle. Of course, that was in the olden days of film – and I was only 12 at the time… kidding.

Lately I’ve been reinvigorated with wedding photography. I love what I see with the newly engaged and their attitude towards their upcoming nuptials. Many are crafting the day themselves. Making their own invitations, favors, table deco. This speaks big time creativity to me and then I know they are open to the photography being very important, too. I hope with my attempt at these posts, you will get to know me better; get to know my work and not be paralyzed when it comes to discussing all aspects of your wedding day. Or any other event, for that matter!

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