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Matthew & Ericka

Kira, we’re extremely pleased with the pictures! They’re even better than we’d hoped. I realized that these are the images which will define an age in our family history; when our grandchildren think back to what grandma and grandpa must have looked like in their youth, these are the pictures that will stand in their minds. Thank you for your excellent work.

Kelli & Randy

Dear Kira, What great pictures! You did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and natural and it really shows in the pictures.

Matt & Maria-Elena

Dear Kira, Maria-Elena and I have truly been blessed by not only having you as a photographer, but more importantly as a friend. Your skill and passion with a lens is so evident. You captured all of our dreams so that we will be able to re-live it for a lifetime. Thank you for making both of us feel so special.

Janet & Kyle

Dear Kira, Thank you for everything! I always heard that picture taking at your wedding is the worst, but you made it a pleasure!

Tracy & Charles

Dear Kira, It took us a while to get this order in, but your pictures have brought back that magic evening many times, most recently at our six month celebration. The light that you captured on our faces, on our hair, in the sky has mirrored the light in our home and our hearts. Thanks.

Barbie & Dennis

Kira, We just want you to know that we think the world of you for helping us through such a “mixed-up” time… and laughing with me through it all! Life’s too short to fuss over what should have been! (they forgot their license so I went the next day to photograph them at City Hall. ) Anyway, Kira, I feel like you’re a friend… not the photographer at our wedding. It’s the many things we do, and the people we meet that makes life so grand. Talk to you soon.